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In life, there are several activities one can indulge in for the purposes of relaxation or leisure. Travelling is definitely one of them.  There are plenty of things that one can acquire from traveling such as: getting to learn about other cultures, making new friends, history of certain locations, just to name a few.

Apart from that, there are also several health benefits one gains from traveling, since it has been proven to boost one’s health. 
Many times, people think that traveling is only for the retirees or the rich, but it is not!

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Traveling can be for many purposes: doing business abroad, relaxation, recovery, healthcare, vacation, visiting foreign family, training, education etc.

The events, which are organized by Entintra and its partners, are combined with the possibility of doing business abroad and network expanding.


We are an international network of cooperating (recreation) entrepreneurs who, with an unique formula, want to guide travelers to and in a certain area.

The formula is managed from the head office in Leeuwarden and branch office in Cartagena – Spain.

Thanks to the combination of Entintra Travel and the Entintra Business formula, an unique formula has emerged over the years. 


Worldwide there are local contacts who put together a dream vacation, honest and objective!

The team consists of experienced entrepreneurs who are supported by international HBO students. 

The HBO students are all supportives of a specific area and thereby contribute to their local economy.

An additional advantage is that they speak the language and actually know the “Ins & Outs” of their country of birth and region.

Every week the formula is supplemented with new destinations and projects!