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About Valencia – Spain

Valencia city

Valencia is a municipality and the third largest city in Spain. It is the capital of the province of the same name and of the autonomous region.

Valencia, the city in Spain where you can go for a beautifull city trip. Valencia has so much to offer and a beautiful beach, and lots of places of interest.


Valencia has a Mediterranean climate with warm summers and very mild winters.

The climate is slightly warmer than that of Barcelona, ​​with far fewer extremes than cities such as Madrid and Córdoba in the hot interior.

The average annual temperature is 17.8 degrees Celsius.


Valencia has its own metro and tram network, called Metrovalencia.

It became the third city in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which had a metro. The network consists of four underground lines and one tram line.

The newest metro line connects the airport of Valencia with the center.

Business and pleasure


It is Spain’s third economic engine, even though the economic position of Valencia is still at a considerable distance from the metropolises of Madrid and Barcelona. 

Despite this, the city is growing fast economically in a healthy way, partly because Valencia is putting itself more and more on the world map. Its favorable location in the Mediterranean area also means that more and more investors are attracted to the city.

Language and culture

Valencia, like the entire Valencianregion, is officially bilingual, Spanish and Valencian. 

Valencian is very closely related to Catalan.

In Valencia, on the other hand, Spanish is by far the most spoken language, in contrast to Catalonia where both languages ​​are equally important and Catalan is sometimes more important than Spanish.

Nevertheless the Valencian is visible in Valencia, for example on the signs of the metro stations and street signs.

Also, the many different delicacies that come from the city have Valencian names. 


Valencia, like most other Spanish cities, has a busy and active nightlife. 

Most bars and night clubs are concentrated around the neighbourhood “Carmen” and the surroundings of the universities.

The nightlife in the city takes place in three zones: the Barrio del Carmen, Cánovas and Woody. The young Valencians enjoy themselves in the variety of bars, which are usually open until late at night.