An enthusiastic team of entrepreneurs, this is where Entintra stands for!

We work together to achieve a goal for the connected partners. “A chance to make a difference”. Enterprising Europe and global economies could use some change, don’t you agree?

The formula for each country is to create a “Mini – economy”  in which the partners exchange knowledge and assignments. Coördinated by a personal business- and travelcoach.

 “Keep your eyes open for eachother’s business”!

We are convinced that not everyone can be an entrepreneur and we are therefore selective in chosing partners which we like to connect.

The formula Entintra works with well trained networking businesscoaches. They stand for clear communication and are purposeful in their advise to the connected partners.

Our partners are carefully selected entrepreneurs and they know what “Doing business in the Entintra way” means. 

The travel- and businesscoaches in each country are just like you; an entrepreneur, and they are partners in areas such as sales, business structure, time management, traveling and social media. They can connect you to the right business and areas where you are looking for!



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The Netherlands

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Leeuwarden – Friesland
European Capital Of Culture 2018

Entintra connects!

Would you like a conversation partner for doing business in a specific country or a business- or travelcoach who is thinking along with you and devises plans to increase your sales / profit?

Learning languages for business

Although English has been the common language for businesses in the past, the changing business market may dictate that English may not be enough in the future.

Only 6% of the worlds population speaks English and 75% of the worlds population can not speak any English.